About HelperGo

HelperGo is an award-winning health tech startup. Recently, the tech outfit won the Startup of the Year 2017 from Silicon Valley’s most prestigious event, Startup Grind.

A Caring Startup

Singapore is known for its busy city life. Often, it is tough balancing between work, family, and all the little chores. So we developed the “HelperGo Platform” in the early part of 2015, with the goal of empowering Singaporeans with more freedom. Thus we seek to improve the quality of our loved ones.

Since late 2015, the company has offices in Singapore and Hong Kong and has helped thousands of families. While others might wait for space at a nursing home, you can now get a home nurse for your parents within the comfortable environment of your own home. Above all, HelperGo will be able to tailor to your needs, with home assistantscaregivers, therapists and home nurses. Be it respite care, palliative care, or rehabilitation, we want to provide the best home care for your parents.

agentbong's mascot The winning Agentbong team at Startup Grind