Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The FAQ of HelperGo where all your common questions can be found. If nothing here in this FAQ answers your question, feel free to contact us via email or our online chat below.

HelperGo Services

What is Home Care?
What is Home Nursing Care
What is Home Therapy Care?

Requesting HelperGo Care Services

How do I schedule a care visit?
How do I choose the type of service that suits my needs?
Does HelperGo provide live-in or 24 hours home care services?
Can we choose the same Care Professional who has attended to us previously?
How are the Care Professional assigned?
Can I view the Care Professionals profile before engaging them?

Scheduled Changes for the Care Visits

What if I need to extend the scheduled visit?
What happens if the actual Care Visit is shorter that scheduled?
What if the Care Professional does not turn up?


What are the available payment methods?
How do you handle my credit card details?
Does HelperGo offer subsidised rates?

Care Visit Summary

Why is a Care Summary provided for the caregiving visit?



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