5 Important Reasons You Absolutely Need A Part Time Maid

Juggling everything in life in Singapore can be quite a skill in itself.

Sometimes you wonder if you do need a part time maid, sweat it out, or continue living in a horror film set. Here are five symptoms of someone who definitely needs a part time maid on a regular basis.

1. You spend more time out than at home

life without a part time maid

Image Source A typical Singaporean specimen’s behaviour upon getting through the door.

Leaving the house by 8 am and reaching home 12 hours later—that is something many of us can identify with. Then upon getting home, you find yourself crashing on the bed right after washing up.

And the weekends? Friends, or church, and what about being able to sit around and do nothing? Leave those chores to a helper to come in every week. Enjoy yourself, binge watch your Netflix or Viki dramas. Go to the gym; go for a jog; whatever you want. Own the day.

2. You are a dual-income couple


Image Source Office romance anyone? *nudge nudge wink wink*

Working couples often have no time for chores. So splitting them can be a big headache and a source of conflict for some. There is no need for housework to be a romance killer when you can hire someone to do it part time.

Moreover, rostering will not help if one is unhappy with some of the chores anyway. Especially if that your spouse does not do the laundry or iron the right way.

Many families with Agentbong leave their keys with helpers so they can come home to a clean house. Plus they will not need to spend their weekends waiting at home.

3. Part Time Maid vs Live In Maid


Image Source The days of overcrowding a bygone era. For now.

Perhaps your kids are all grown up. Or the fact that HDB flats are barely big enough for a family nowadays.

It was probably 15 years back when you hired a foreign domestic worker. Back then, our children were young and you needed help with all the chores and someone to nanny them. After more than a decade working with you, is your helper thinking of returning back to her hometown?

All that hassle of maid agencies, interviewing, and paperwork crossed your mind. Anyway, your children are all in their late teens to their twenties and never at home right? Additionally, having to accommodate an extra someone in the house can be a little inconvenient.

Well, a part time helper will only be there weekly for a few hours. After that, you can enjoy a clean home and your own family privacy.

4. Family time is lacking


Image Source And we wonder why kids grow up the way they are.

When was the last time your family spent actual quality time together? Be it playing board games, watching a movie, or catching up—it is an element that families lament they lack.

Why let the bustling city environment of Singapore get in the way of your family time. So pass the mop and cloth to a trusted cleaner. Go for a walk in the ‘City in a Garden’ that our country has become.

5. You hate cleaning


Image Source Surprise, surprise. Modern Family is relatable.

After all that is said and done; when you get down to it after push comes to shove, you have to face the household chores one way or another. And you abhor doing all the housework; from mopping, washing toilets, washing and ironing, the dishes…

Agentbong’s part time helpers will help you stare that monster down. So just leave the exhausting work to the platform’s part time maid. And you will finally be able to do what you want you have always wanted—your alone time or family time.

Simply install the app on Apple iTunes or Google Play, or use our Web Booking. Once on the app, register and key in your details after selecting a package, then wait for things to get done.

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